GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution

GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 19 India: Human Life of Class 9 Social Science (SS) of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the following questions in two - three sentences each

(1) What diversities are seen among the people of India ?

(2) To which family do the languages of South India belong ?

(3) State the major languages and dialects of Bihar.

Q.2 Write short notes on the following

(1) Dresses of men and women in Bengal and in Eastern States.

(2) Festivals and Holy Days of Western India.


Q.3 Select proper options for the following questions and write answers

(1) People experiencing how many degrees of temperature wear cotton dresses with light colour ?
(A) More
(B) Less
(C) Nominal
(D) Extreme
Ans. (D) Extreme

(2) People of which state put on shoes made from camel’s leather ?
(A) Gujarat
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Goa
Ans. (B) Rajasthan

(3) Which language is spoken in Goa ?
(A) Marathi
(B) Hindi

(C) Gujarati
(D) Konkani

Ans. (D) Konkani

(4) People of which state eat a variety of parothas ?
(A) Goa
(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Assam
(D) Punjab

Ans. (D) Punjab

(5) Where is the Magh Fair held ?
(A) Pushkar
(B) Nasik

(C) Allahabad
(D) Ujjain

Ans. (C) Allahabad (now known as Prayagraj)

(6) Of which state is ‘Pongal’ a main festival ?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Meghalaya
(D) Sikkim

Ans. (B) Tamil Nadu

(7) Which type of relief is seen in Uttarakhand ?
(A) Fertile plain
(B) Mountainous

(C) Coastal
(D) None of these
(B) Mountainous

GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution
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