GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 17 Solution

GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 17 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 17 Natural Vegetation of Class 9 Social Science (SS) of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the following questions in brief

(1) Why is a diversity of vegetation seen in India ?
Ans. The diversity in natural vegetation of India is created due to diversity in
(1) Relief features – like mountains, plateaus, plains, deserts etc.
(2) Soil – There are different soils e.g. alluvial, black, mountain, desert type etc.
(3) Temperature
(4) Insolation (sunshine) – It differs with its latitude and altitude.
(5) Rainfall
(6) Humidity

(2) What is the environmental importance of forests ?
Ans. The forests have following environmental importance –
– They control the atmosphere from becoming adverse.
– They provide life saving oxygen
– Forests control the floods.
– They absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide.
– Forests prevent soil erosion.
– Forests maintain ground water.
– Forests restrict the advancing deserts.
– Forests are useful in reducing air pollution.
– Forests enhance the natural beauty.
– Forests purify the air.
– Provide natural habitat to the wildlife.
– Forests are ideal places for adventurous, tourism activities.

(3) What are the reasons for forest destruction ?
Ans. Man’s insatiable desire to procure land is responsible for the destruction of forests. Forests are destroyed due to increasing population, policy of establishing industrial units away from residential areas, urbanization, multi-purpose projects, construction of roads, jhoom cultivation, to get timber and fuel wood, forest fire etc.

(4) What are the effects of forest destruction ?
Ans. The forest destruction results in decrease in rainfall, drought, global warming, green house effects, advancing deserts, shelterlessness of wild animals etc.

(5) “Tropical Forests are also called Evergreen Forests” — Give reasons.
Ans. The tropical forests are green throughout the year. There is no season like autumn. Therefore they are also called Evergreen forests

Q.2 Answer the following questions in details

(1) State the types of forests in India.
Ans. On the basis of altitude, soils, rainfall and variations in temperature, the natural vegetation regions can be divided into five types :
(1) Tropical Rain Forests
(2) Tropical Deciduous Forests
(3) Tropical Desert Vegetation
(4) Temperate Forests and Grasslands
(5) Mangrove (Tidal) Forests.

(2) Write about the utility of forests.
Ans. Forests are useful to mankind in many ways.
– Timber wood from teak and saal is used for furniture making.
– Boats are prepared from the wood of sundari trees of Sundarvan.
– Sports goods and packing boxes are prepared from the wood of pine and chid trees.
– Turpentine is prepared from the liquid of chid trees.
– Sandalwood is used to prepare perfumed oil, cosmetics etc.
– Baskets, toys, goods of home decoration etc. are made from bamboo trees.
– Forests provide lac (sealing wax) resin, gum, rubbers honey, cane etc.
– Amla (embellic myrobalan), baheda, harde, ashvagandha etc. hold medicinal utility.
– Forests are are essentail for balancing the envorinment.

(3) Elaborate the remedies for forest conservation.
Ans. Following steps should be taken for the consrvation of the forests:
(1) Forests are our nation’s resource. Take it as our moral duty to protect them.
(2) Tree felling should be stopped. Heavy punishment must be inflicted to those who cut trees illegally.
(3) To increase public participation in Van Mahotsav and Social Forestry, trees must be planted on either sides of waste land, river, railway tracks and roads and raise them.
(4) Create awareness about environment through environmental education and school syllabus, celebrate environment related days.
(5) Take precautions to avoid forest fire, and in case of fire it must be doused immediately.
(6) Use renewable energy resources such as solar energy, bio energy, wind energy etc. in place of traditional resources like wood which is used to get energy.
(7) Explain the importance of forests to people through broadcasting media and bring public awareness about it.


Q.3 Select a correct option for the following questions and write answer

(1) Which place does India hold in world with respect to vegetation diversity ?
(A) First
(B) Fourth
(C) Tenth
(D) Fifth
Ans. (C) Tenth

(2) Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
(A) Tidal forest is located in Ganga delta.
(B) Turpentine is prepared from liquid of chid tree.
(C) Sundari wood is used to prepare boats.
(D) Thorny bush occur in mountainous area of Himalayan.
Ans. (D) Thorny bush occur in mountainous area of Himalayan.

(3) Join the correct pairs


(A) A-3 B-4 C-1 D-2
(B) A-4 B-3 C-1 D-2
(C) A-4 B-3 C-2 D-1
(D) A-4 B-2 C-3 D-1
Ans. (B) A-4 B-3 C-1 D-2

(4) What is prepared out of the liquid of chid ?
(A) Catechu
(B) Turpentine
(C) Lac
(D) Gum
Ans. (B) Turpentine

GCERT Class 9 Social Science Chapter 17 Solution
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