GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 8 Solution

GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 8 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 8 India – Callenges and Solutions of Class 8 Semester 2 of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the following questions.

1. What problems are created by the population explosion?
Ans. Population explosion creates problems such as

  • Pollution

  • Congestion in the residential areas

  • Shortage of water and food, medical services, education opportunities

  • Unemployment

  • Corruption and

  • Terrorism.

2. What measures have been taken by the government to eradicate illiteracy?
Ans. To eradicate illiteracy the government has taken measures like –

  • Free and compulsory primary education to the age group of 6 to 14 years under Right to Education (RTE) introduced in 2009

  • Scholarship, midday meal

  • Pre-primary education

  • Girl education schemes

  • Vidyadeep Scheme

  • Residential schools for tribals

  • Adult education programmes

3. What are the problems faced by the common people due to inflation?

Ans. Due to inflation the common people have compromise over certain commodities or facilities. This results in fall in standard of living.

4. What is the criteria to determine poverty?
Purchasing capacity and level of income are two criteria to determine poverty.

5. Define corruption.
Corruption can be defined as lack of integrity or honesty or use of a position of trust for dishonest gain. It means dishonest behavior by those in positions of power, such as managers or government officials.

6. What problems arise in slum areas?
The slum area are over populated and faces variety of socio-economic problems such as lack of drinking water, sanitization, street light, solid waste management and drainage system. The harsh life forces the people to adopt anti-social activities to earn livelihood.

7. State the adverse effects of terrorism.
Ans. Due to terrorism a nation faces adverse effects like

  • Obstacle to progress of the nation

  • Disturbance of peace, brotherhood and unity of the nation

  • Constant fear in the mind of people.

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

1. The root cause of all the problems is over-population.
2. The rise in price of essential commodities is known as
3. Terrorism is a
global problem.

Q.3 Match the items in column 'A' with that in column 'B'.


  • 1. Increase in population – 4. creation of all problems
  • 2. Solution to illiteracy – 1. R.T.E.
  • 3. Solution to poverty – 2. Opportunities for employment
  • 4. Solution to inflation – 3. Thrifty and planned lifestyle
GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 8 Solution
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