GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 2 Solution​

GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 2 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 2 Environmental Pollution of Class 8 Semester 2 of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the questions given below.

1. What do you understand by pollution?
Ans. Pollution means degradation of the natural resources which can have detrimental effect on living organisms. For instance, pollution of air by dust and emission of smoke and gases from industries and pollution of water by release of dirty household and chemicals from industries into natural water resources like pond, lakes and rivers.

2. How does medical waste spread pollution?

Ans. Medical Waste is the waste spread by hospitals, dispensaries or any other health related practice. The medical waste are dumped in land with other wastes. They are contaminated with bacteria, virus and fungi. From land site they enter natural sources like water bodies – lake, pond and river or farm land. They pollute water and food grown at such place.

3. Can pollution be caused by electronic equipments? How?

Ans. The electron equipments like TV, Radio, Computer, Laptop, Watch and Smartphones have certain lifespan. After they become defunct or old they are discarded as waste. The waste produced by electronic equipments is called e-waste. The e-waste is dumped in land. They contain harmful chemical substances such as heavy metals and some gases. These chemicals gets carried to water bodies and land through air or water. They destroy the aquatic lifeforms in water bodies and micro-organism vital for farming in land. Thus reduce their quality.

4. What kind of environment do you like? Why?

Ans. We like clean evironment because it is needed to live healthy and disease free life.

Q.2 How is your life connected with the following? Write about it.

1. Farms : The farms provides us food to satisfy our hunger.

2. School :
The school provides us education and prepares us for the future.

3. State :
The state governs us and maintain peace and harmony by making and implementing rules and laws.

4. Country :
The country provides us identity and unites people from diverse section of society.

Q.3 Match the items in column 'A' with that in column 'B'.


  • 1. Water in drainage4. Water pollution
  • 2. Asthama3. Air pollution
  • 3. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides1. Land pollution
  • 4. Noise at 80 decibel2. Noise pollution

Q.4 Write a note : How population is spread in your village/city ?

GCERT Class 8 Social Science Semester 2 Chapter 2 Solution​
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