GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 2 Solution

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 2 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 2 The Delhi Sultanate of Class 7 of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Find the correct option from the following options and write the correct answer:

1. Who established the ‘Chahalgani’ (Chargan) of the Delhi Sultanate?
A. Razia Sultana
B. Qutubuddin Aibak
C. Balban
D. Iltutmish
Ans. D. Iltutmish

2. Who was the first woman ruler of Delhi Sultanate?
A. Razia Sultana
B. Noor Jahan
C. Arjmand Banu
D. Mehrunnisha
Ans. A. Razia Sultana

3. Which ruler of Delhi started ‘Tarangi Yojna’?
A. Iltutmish
B. Qutubuddin Aibak
C. Mohammad Tuglaq
D. Firoz Shah Tughlaq
Ans. –

4. Whoo founded Vijaynagar Empire?
A. Ahmed Shah
B. Harihar Rai and Bukka Rai
C. Krishnadev Rai
D. Zafar Khan
Ans. B. Harihar Rai and Bukka Rai

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

1. ‘Dhai-din-ka-Jhopada’ is loacted in Ajmer city.
2. Sultan is in the center of administrative system of Delhi Sultante.
3. Ibrahim Lodi was the last ruler of Delhi Sultanate.
4. Allauddin Khilji founded Siri town

Q.3 Answer the following questions in one or two words:

1. Where is Qutub Minar located?
Ans. Qutub Minar is located at Delhi.

2. Between whom was the first battle of Panipat fought?
Ans. The first battle of Panipat was fought between Ibrahim Lodi (the last ruler of Delhi Sultanate) and Babur (founder of Mughal rule in India) in 1526.

3. In whose time was Alai Darwaza built?
Ans. Alai Darwaza was built during rule of Sultan Alluddin Khiliji of Khilji dynasty.

4. Who established the kingdom of Bahmani?
Ans. Zafar Khan established the kingdom of Bahamani in 1347.

Q.4 Answer the following questions in short:

1. Which cities were settled around Delhi during Mohammad Tughlaq’s rule?
Ans. The cities like Tughlaqabad, Firozabad, Hissar, Jaunpur, Firozpur, Fatehbad etc were settled around Delhi during Mohammad Tughlaq’s rule.

2. Describe the architecture of Sultanate period.
Ans. During Sultanate period construction were done in Indo-Islamic architecture style. Architecture like forts, mosques, tombs, houses, gardens, gates, minarets, etc were constructed. The famous architecture includes –
a) Mosque named ‘Kuwat-ul- Islam’ at Delhi and ‘Dhai Din ka Zhopda’ at Ajmer were built by Qutubddin Aibak.
b) Qutub Minar at Delhi. It was started by Qutubddin Aibak and only one floor was built during his rule. Rest was completed by Iltumish.
c) Construction like Hauz-e-Shammi, Shammi Idgah and Jama masjid were built during rule of Iltutmish.
d) Alai Darwaza, Siri Fort and a town of Siri and Hauz-e-khas were built during reign of Allauddin Khilji.
e) Tombs and mosques like Bandekan’s dome, Badagumbaj, Moth’s mosque and Shihabuddin’s mosque were built during Syed and Lodi dynasty.

3. Give brief information about Krishnadev Rai.
Ans. Krishnadev Rai was one of the best ruler of Tuluva dynasty of the Vijaynagara empire. He had won many battles. He also took keen interest of administration of his kingdom. His contribution includes –
a) Digging of lakes and canals to enrich agriculture.
b) Abolished unjust taxes.
c) Establishment of a town named Nagalpur near Vijaynagar and decorting it with various buildings and temples.
d) He was himself a great scholar. He wrote several texts in Sanskrit and Telugu. Due to spread of literary art by him, he became well known as the ‘Bhoj of Andhara’


GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 2 Solution
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