GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 19 Markets of Class 7 Social Science (SS) of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the following questions in one-two lines each

1. What is a market ?
Ans. A market is a place where things are sold. The buyer and seller gathers in a market.

2. What kind of expenses are usually not incurred by the trader in the Gujri market ?
Ans. The trader do not have to make expenses like rent, electricity, tax, daily wages to helper etc in the Gujri market.

3. Why is controlled market required ?
Ans. The controlled market like APMC are required to stop the exploitation of farmer in absence of the proper system of sale of farm products.

4. What precautions should be taken while purchasing edible items ?
Ans. The customer should make sure while purchasing edible items that they have ‘AGMARK’ and ‘FSSAI’ marks.

5. Who all earn in the process of goods, reaching from manufacturer to the consumer ?
Ans. Many people like farmers, manufacturer, traders, transport service provider etc earn in the process of goods, reaching from manufacturer to the consumer.

Q.2 Answer the following questions point wise

1. Describe the types of market and explain their requirements.
2. Who is called a consumer ? State the rights of consumer.
3. What precautions should a consumer take while shopping ? Explain.
4. Describe the production process of clothes.

Q.3 State whether the following statements are true or false

1. Big Shopkeeper gets employment in the Gujri Market. – X (False)
2. A trader who sell goods in bulk is called a retailer. – X (False)
3. The consumer has a right to make a presentation to the Consumer Protection Board to protect the right and interest of the consumer. – √ (True)

Q.4 Recognize me

GCERT Class 7 Chapter 19 Social Science Symbols


1. ISI (India Standards Institution)

2. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

3. Woolmark

4. Agmark

5. Non-vegetarian food mark

Q.5 Fill in the blanks

1. A market which is held on a specific day is called Gujri market.

2. Public auction of farmers’ farm produce takes place in APMC.

3. Gold-silver jewellery should be purchased with the Hallmark mark.

4. Cotton (Fibre) is a raw material for the production of cloth.

5. The whole world is a Single in the present time.

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Solution
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