GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Solution

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Solution

Brief Information: This post contains the solution for Chapter 1 Rajput Age: New Rulers and States of Class 7 of the Gujarat Board (GSEB) books GCERT.

Q.1 Answer the following questions in one sentence

1. Who built ‘Rani ki Vav’?
Ans. ‘Rani ki Vav’ was built queen Udaymati of Solanki dynasty.

2. Where did the rulers of Chauhan dynasty initially rule?
Ans. Initially the rulers of Chauhan dynsaty ruled different parts of Gujarat and Rajsathan.

3. Who founded Anhilwad Patan?
Ans. Vanraj Chavda of Chavda dynasty founded Anhilwad Patan. It is believed to be named after his childhood friend Anhil Bharwad.

4. Who was last ruler of Vaghela dynasty?
Ans. Karandev Vaghela was the last ruler of Vaghela dynasty. He was defeated by Sultan of Delhi.

Q.2 Write short-note on the following

1. Characteristics of the Rajputs
Ans. Rajputs were brave warrior community. They kept their promise at all the cost. They would rather die than show their back in battle. They protected Gau Brahmins and never practised unrightousness. Rajput women happily sent thier sons and husbands to war front. If needed, they went to battlefield with swords.

2. Trade and commerce during the Rajput era
Ans. Trade and commerce flourished during Rajput era. There was separate department to take care of commerce related matter. This department used to make arrengement for collection of tax over the foreign trade, fix the price of commodities and purchase commodities requied by the state. Land Revenue was the main source of tax collection. It was one-sixth part of the production. The land tax was known as ‘Bhag’. Revenue was also collected from ports, check-posts and irrigation. Trade was done through famous ports like Stambhtirth (Khambhat) and Bhrigukutch(Bharuch) of the Gujarat.

Q.3 Find the correct option from the following options and write the correct answer:

1. After the death of which king in North India, small states became independent?
A. Pulkeshi-II
B. Harshvardhan
C. Mihirbhoj
D. Ashok
Ans. B. Harshvardhan

2. Bundelkand was known by which name later on?
A. Jejakabhukti
B. Ujjaini
C. Pratihar
D. Chalukya
Ans. A. Jejakabhukti

3. Which of the following rulers is not among the rulers of the Parmar dynasty of Malwa?
A. Kumaarpal
B. Bhoj
C. Siyuk
D. Munj
Ans. A. Kumarpal

4. Which dynasty ruled Bengal in the 8th century?
A. Chandel dynasty
B. Parmar dynasty
C. Pala dynasty
D. Pratihars
Ans. C. Pala dynasty

5. ‘Rani ki Vav’ was constructed during th reign of which dynasty?
A. Chavda
B. Solanki dynasty
C. Vaghela dynasty
D. Maitrak dynasty
Ans. B. Solanki dynasty

Q.4 Match the appropriate pairs:

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 5

1. Sen dynasty – C. Vijaysen -I
2. Solanki dynasty – E. Kumarpal
3. Pala dynasty – D. Gopal
4. Rashtrakuta dynasty – B. Govid-III
5. Pallava dynasty – A. Narshiverman-II

GCERT Class 7 Social Science Chapter 1 Solution
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