Chapter 3 – Drainage

CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 3 - Drainage

Brief Information: Drainage is one of the biggest problems that countries worldwide face when the monsoon season is in its full swing. The world that we see today is divided into several climatic conditions. These conditions are present due to their geographical conditions. Likewise, when you go through this chapter, you will learn about different concepts of how to save rainwater and use it in your homes. Besides this, you will be learning about the importance of rivers, lakes and how they provide water to localities near them.   

Watch the video given below for understanding NCERT CBSE Class 9 Geography Chapter 3 – Drainage explanation in Hindi (for easy and better understanding)

Topics Covered:

  • Major rivers and tributaries
  • Lakes
  • Role of rivers in the economy
  • Pollution of rivers

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Chapter 3 – Drainage
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